Supply Chain Optimizer for more performance

Modular planning, analysis and simulation software that simplifies and automates supply chain management, helping you make smart decisions in the face of dynamic market demands to better achieve your business goals.

  • Inventory management
  • Demand Planning & ForecastING
  • Sales & Operations Planning
  • Replenishment
  • MRp Parameter optimization
  • Reporting & Controlling

better planning made easy

Why is DISKOVER a software that every company needs?

Do you want to identify market changes early, better forecast demand and implement integrated business strategies, inventory strategies, procurement plans and MRP decisions with the speed and scale needed to compete in dynamic markets? Are sluggish, static and insufficiently differentiated ERP planning functions holding you back?

DISKOVER is the perfect solution to optimize ERP system and decision making.

Recognizing opportunities and risks at an early stage - helps companies to act instead of constantly reacting

Uses powerful algorithms from statistics and artificial intelligence to transform diverse data and information into robust and predictive statements

Supports the ERP software where needed or integrates all planning in a single solution - for intelligent decision making or automation of routine tasks


Here are the Top 6 capabilities of DISKOVER, that help our customers achieve first quick wins

real-time planning and simulation

Empirical simulation of the planning and control effects of the entire supply chain in a digital twin of the ERP-system using the extensive data stocks of the ERP system.

rule set engine and SCM-strategies

Simulatively optimized rule sets for ongoing readjustment of the planning and control parameters in the ERP system and in DISKOVER and also for mapping the logistics business model and SCM strategies.

AI assisted forecasting and safety stocks

Automatic generation of forecasts and integrated safety stock calculation through self-learning optimisation by means of empirical simulation using statistical methods and neural networks.

effortless sales & operations planning

Efficient S&OP process through the provision of forecast proposals on sales developments, taking into account price adjustments, differentiated according to sales channels; data can be aggregated and planned at any hierarchy level.

automated and powerful scheduling

Dynamic and automatable planning with differentiated configurable planning mechanisms and simple and user-friendly handling.

early warning cockpit and pivot analyses

Early warning cockpit with self-configurable alerts, to-dos and KPI visualization as well as management by exception.

200+ successful projects and counting.

DISKOVER in practice

Find out what our customers say about DISKOVER

"You won't find such ease of use despite a high level of functionality for basically any use case in the scheduling tools of established ERP vendors."

Dietmar Henkler

Head of Supply Chain Management

"The rule set engine for the MRP parameters and various stocking strategies also map the expert knowledge and experience of the dispatchers and controllers. As a result, the planning and scheduling result is reproducible and comprehensible for us at all times."

Marina Weniger

Head of Supply Chain Management

"Today, no one at HANSA-FLEX has to process requisitions or maintain master data. Replenishment now rolls in automatically as if by magic. The availability of the articles is now much better than before. Meanwhile, DISKOVER is used to control more than 400 branches at home and abroad."

Christian-Hans Bültemeier


Learn from case studies which logistic problems were solved with DISKOVER.

Full-Service rental model

You can simply rent DISKOVER on a monthly monthly basis (SaaS)

As Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution, you rent DISKOVER for a monthly fee, depending on the modules used and the number of users. The solution runs on-premise (on-site) or in the Cloud.

The rental fee includes a full service for IT support and end users, from system monitoring and maintenance to all technical issues and user support. Your IT department is significantly relieved. With DISKOVER you are always up to date.

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