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SCT - Supply Chain Technologies

The close and trustful cooperation with our customers motivates us to constantly improve and grow together with you.

In the digital age consulting experience needs to be cast in software with intelligent technologies.

How we are changing corporate decision making

In an agile team with extensive experience in R&D, software development  and professional supply chain management we realize one of the most flexible, modern and powerful solutions in the field of advanced planning & scheduling software: DISKOVER SCO 

Our roots

As a subsidiary of the supply chain management specialists of the Abels & Kemmner Group we rely on more than 25 years of experience in optimizing logistics and supply chain management. 

Algorithms & Artificial Intelligence

In the Joint Supply Chain Optimization Laboratory together with Abels & Kemmner, and in an extensive network of practitioners as well as university and industry researcher, we are continuously working on new, comprehensive solutions for your logistics success.

DISKOVER Installationen weltweit

Global understanding and cultures

DISKOVER makes a decisive contribution to the economic optimization of the supply chain management of locally and globally operating companies in over 40 countries worldwide:

  • High service level and product availability
  • Optimized inventory management
  • Improved value streams
  • Lean and efficient processes
  • Reliable master data in the ERP system
  • High transparency

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  • What is your logistical challenge and by when should it be solved?
  • Together we discuss suitable solutions and achievable results with DISKOVER.
  • Thanks to full service support and strategic replenishment assistance you never walk alone.

We can quickly calculate the monthly rental fee for DISKOVER based on your requirements. In addition, we will jointly decide on the scope of our consulting and training services.

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