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More than just demand planning!

The APS software for your sales and demand planning as an extension of your ERP system.

DISKOVER combines powerful algorithms from statistics and artificial intelligence (AI) with empirical simulation to ensure your product availability with the lowest possible stocks or at the lowest possible costs.

Any questions? Then simply email us at info@diskover.de!

These companies enjoy
better planning, made easy thanks to DISKOVER


Due to our decades of consulting experience in the realisation of sales and demand planning projects, you benefit from extensive consulting expertise, far beyond the pure software product.

We help you to effectively implement the entire sales and demand planning process.



With the unparalleled empirical simulation function, you will obtain the best possible demand planning and safety stock levels.

And the detailed expert system mapped in the Rule Set Engine ensures that your system always delivers the best planning results and can operate automatically.


Our full-service support looks after your application from remote monitoring of system operation, including maintenance, adjustments and updates, automated data collection and technical support to operational and specialist user questions. Your personal (1-to-1) contact person is looking forward to hearing from you!

Advantages for your sales and demand planning:

  • Simplicity of use
    Users do not need to be familiar with the sophisticated processing procedures and algorithms used to generate forecasts. DISKOVER autonomously determines the best possible forecasts and associated safety stocks. Manual adjustments are still possible if desired.
  • Sporadic requirements secured
    By means of "distribution-free procedures", reliable forecasts and safety stocks are also obtained for sporadic requirements, e.g. spare parts.
  • Consideration of future market developments
    Artificial intelligence (AI) is used to consider internal and external factors in forecasts.
  • Start-up, discontinuation and successor articles under control
    Standard curves enable forecasts for new and discontinued articles. By means of predecessor-successor relationships, successor articles that do not yet have their own demand history can also be forecast.
  • Assured product availability with lowest stock levels or lowest costs
    All forecasts and safety stocks are tested for their resilience through an empirical simulation. The best strategy for the given target is determined automatically.
  • Project and action planning
    Planning of projects, object business and promotions separate from day-to-day business. With availability check.

Powerful modules for your demand planning and more:

  • Rule Set Engine
    Expert system for automatic maintenance of planning, control and scheduling parameters
  • Forecasting
    Development of secured statistical sales and demand planning
  • Simulation Engine
    Empirical simulation of planning and control effects in the supply chain
  • Replenishment
    Simulative and operative material planning
  • Reporting/Pivot Analysis
    Integrated data analysis and (automatic) reporting
  • Production Planning -
    Capacity Analysis
    Capacity utilisation analysis, capacity requirements planning and
    -simulation, lead time scheduling according to routings and against unlimited capacity
  • Production Planning -
    Capacity Planning Table

    Planning table for display and manual rescheduling of orders / work steps by drag & drop
  • Production Planning -
    Detailed Scheduling

    Detailed production planning with OR algorithms and AI methods

  • Sales & Operations Planning
    Integration of sales into demand planning for a comprehensive support of the S&OP process up to capacity and resource planning
  • Initial and Final Demand Forecasting
    Demand planning of new products, discontinued products, spare parts and end-of-life requirements of components
  • Management Cockpit
    Web app for KPI monitoring
  • Supplier Portal
    Web-based communication with suppliers and customers

Got any questions? Then simply email us at info@diskover.de!

What our customers say:

"indispensable software"

"DISKOVER gives us exactly the security we need to be able to satisfy fluctuating demands with high delivery readiness and still low inventories.

Good assessment of: seasonal fluctuations / special requirements / stock levels."

Consumer Goods

51 - 200 employees

Used Product For 2+ years

Source: Capterra

"DISKOVER enables individual, robust and efficient planning"

"Ability to be adapted to reflect 100% our needs in regard to planning, optimization and tranparency. Implementation was a very constructive process, customer support ist very helpful. DISKOVER brings a huge benefit to us.
DISKOVER offers a broad variety of showing and using optimization potential. By using this software, we have now the ability to have a robust data set up in our planning processes."

Aviation & Aerospace

1001 - 5000 employees

Used Product For 2+ years

Source: Capterra

"DISKOVER - An all-round package for requirement planning"

"Since the start of the DISKOVER - RollOuts at our main location and in our subsidiaries worldwide, there has been a significant change in requirements planning.
From my point of view, the greatest benefits brought about by the introduction of DISKOVER are faster decisions, better stock control and timely information to the dispatchers for order release."


1001- 5000 Angestellte

Used Product For 2+ years

Source: Capterra

Discover DISKOVER!

  • Reduction of the planning effort up to -90 %
  • Increase in yield and profitability up to 10 %
  • Reduction of inventories up to -45 %
  • Reduction of WIP up to -45 %
  • Less scrapping up to -65 %
  • Improvement of the carbon footprint by 1.1 to 1.8 %

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