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Find out how to improve profitability with DISKOVER and how processes, work areas and key figures change in a lasting and positive way.

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DISKOVER - Perspective for more efficiency

SCM 4.0 - go from defense to offensive

Move from defense to offensive with your supply chain. Operational, tactical and strategic supply chain decisions become noticeably more economical, efficient, transparent and faster with DISKOVER. Learn what results you can expect and how economic efficiency improves!

We provide answers to the most important economic effects of DISKOVER.

Qualitative improvements that ultimately result in quantitatively measurable benefits

All info at a glance

A wide range of important data is provided and presented in a single view.

Supply chain transparency

Product shortages in the entire supply chain are detected at a glance.

Data maintenance automation

Accurate master data through dynamic adjustment of parameters, hence increasing the reliability.

Process automation

Planning effort is drastically reduced, employees are relieved.

The essentials in view

Opportunities and risks are highlighted much earlier via intelligent alerts.

Time for essentials

Users gain time for the tasks that have always been left undone until now.

Close to customer needs

Promotion planning, project planning or an S&OP process prevent shortfalls.

For the sake of the environment

Less waste & scrapping, smart filling of transport units.

High product availability

DISKOVER solves the balancing act between service level and safety stock.

Workplace upgrading

Concentration on the relevant, reduction of routine tasks through automation.

Better lot sizes

Optimal and economical batch sizes reduce costs.

Inventory reduction

Intelligent inventory management increases liquidity.

Continuous improvement

Users develop enthusiasm for further optimization of SCM.

Better resource usage

Improved throughput, better on-time delivery and higher productivity in production.

Better overview

Better overview increases the motivation of users, employees and teams.

What are the measurable successes?

Have a look in our case studies to learn about reliable effects and KPI. The percentage or monetary value of the effects depends on the individual starting point and objectives of each company.

Identify economic potential.

The achievable economic potentials depend on your processes and your openness to change. With various analyses, we can help to assess your company-specific economic potential.

Our tip: Let's find your individual potentials together!

What customers report about their efficiency offensive

"You won't find such ease of use despite a high level of functionality for basically any use case in the scheduling tools of established ERP vendors."

Dietmar Henkler

Head of Supply Chain Management

"As a result, thanks to the comprehensive rule sets and simulation functions of DISKOVER, we now have a much more accurate forecast as a basis for scheduling and can evaluate exactly how inventories would change with changing service levels. This in a standardized process with the same tools across all sites and independent of the ERP systems used."

Michael Schüler

Head of Supply Chain Management

"Thanks to DISKOVER, we have a global, virtually merged plant. This increases transparency enormously. Stocks can now be ramped up or down in a much more controlled manner. You can see exactly where the company stands and determine where you want to go. Our inventory targets, which are also based on the company's delivery promise and KPIs, can thus be clearly planned, implemented in line with demand, and transparently controlled."

Fabian Ossen

Manager Supply Chain

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From theory to practice

white paper

Economic advantages through the use of add-on systems in supply chain management

Advanced Planning & Scheduling Systems (APS) are the key to success when it comes to transforming complex as well as individual problems of companies into economic benefits.

We will gladly provide you with the document:

White Paper - Economic Advantages Resulting from the Use of DISKOVER - SCT GmbH

Cases Studies

Selected Case Studies

Users describe the path from the initial situation to the solution of specific challenges, present individual solutions or explain their daily work in managing the supply chains of their companies.



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