More than just logistics management!

The APS software for your logistics management as an extension of your ERP system.

DISKOVER combines powerful algorithms from statistics and artificial intelligence (AI) with empirical simulation and optimizes, simplifies and automates your demand, material and production planning within your logistics management.

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Due to DISKOVER, these companies can plan. simplybetter:


Based on our decades of consulting experience in logistics management, you receive extensive consulting expertise, far beyond the pure software product.

We help you to make your supply chain management more efficient.


With the unique function of empirical simulation, you receive the best possible demand forecasts and most economically sensible scheduling proposals.


Our full-service support looks after your application from remote monitoring of system operation, including maintenance, customizations and updates, automated data capture and technical support to operational and specialist user issues. Your personal (1-to-1) contact person is looking forward to hearing from you.

Powerful modules for your logistics management and more:

  • Rule Set Engine
    Expert system for automatic maintenance of planning, control and scheduling parameters
  • Forecasting
    Development of secured statistical sales and demand forecasts
  • Simulation Engine
    Empirical simulation of planning and control effects in the supply chain
  • Replenishment
    Simulative and operational material planning
  • Reporting/Pivot-Analysis
    Integrated data analysis and (automated) reporting
  • Production Planning -
    Capacity Analysis
    Capacity utilization analysis, capacity requirements planning and -simulation, lead time scheduling according to routings and against unlimited capacity.
  • Production Planning -
    Planning Table
    Planning board for display and manual rescheduling of orders / work steps via drag & drop in terms of scheduling and between workstations / plants
  • Production Planning -
    Detailed Scheduling
    Detailed production planning with OR algorithms and AI methods
  • Sales & Operations Planning
    Integration of sales into the sales and demand forecast for comprehensive support of the S&OP process up to capacity and resource planning
  • Initial and Final Demand Forecasting
    Create demand forecasts of new start items, discontinued items, for spare parts and end-of-life requirements of components.
  • Management Cockpit
    Key figures overview web app
  • Supplier Portal
    Improved data exchange and optimized communication with suppliers and customers

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What our customers say:

"Good system for inventory planning"

"The software works with the data from the ERP system according to the configuration developed with us. Thus, we control the "current" and "additional" sales. Due to the interface, the maintenance effort in Diskover is minimal.

Diskover is fully integrated into the daily processes and offers us the security of not forgetting any disposition even in case of a disrupted supply chain. Even though Diskover is not part of the ERP system, we have integrated it to the extent that no data maintenance is (additionally) necessary in Diskover."


1001 - 5000 Employees

User for 2+ years

Source: Capterra

"Not only scheduling tool, but also evaluation/reporting tool."

"Compared to the previously used scheduling software, Diskover has clear advantages. The option to select articles or make evaluations on the basis of a file is only one of the advantages."


201 - 500 Employees

User for 1- 2 years

Source: Capterra

"DISKOVER is equipped with everything the modern supply chain needs!"

"I would especially like to emphasize the report generation and automatic dispatch function, which makes everyday work much easier.

Order reconciliations / delivery reminders to the supplier are a breeze due to the automated report sending!

Furthermore, it makes a modern impression of the 21st century for me based on the interface and so is the performance of DISKOVER."


201 - 500 Employees

User for 2+ years

Source: Capterra

Experience logistics management with DISKOVER!

  • Reduction of the planning effort up to -90 %
  • Increase in yield and profitability up to 10 %
  • Reduction of inventories up to -45 %
  • Reduction of WIP up to -45 %
  • Less scrapping up to -65 %
  • Improvement of the carbon footprint by 1.1 to 1.8 % 

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