DISKOVER rental | SaaS

DISKOVER is a Saas (Software-as-a-Service) application that can be rented

on a monthly basis. It runs on-premise or in the Cloud.

Comprehensive full service included.

We earn our money only if you are satisfied. Otherwise simply cancel the rental SaaS agreement.

Bernd Reineke | CEO SCT GmbH

Rental | SaaS

DISKOVER easy to rent!

Forget about expensive software investments that tie up liquidity and which you have to depreciate over many years.

More than ever digitization and automation must be affordable for companies and it has to be accessible easily, quickly & risk-free.


Full-Service included!

  • Software-maintenance and updates
  • Software testing during release changes
  • Personal user support in everyday life
  • Automatic ExceptionGuard
  • Support for strategic material planning


It always pays!

DISKOVER generates returns right from the start. The cost savings you achieve with DISKOVER exceed the operating costs.No matter how great your suffering and potential savings are, DISKOVER always pays off.


It is not an IT project!

Your IT only provides the remote IT access and, if necessary, data transfers. You do not need any IT resources for system or user support afterwards, and you do not need to increase your IT staff or further overburden your staff.

Where DISKOVER already contributes

You would like your individual DISKOVER offer?

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On-Premise or Cloud

You can choose from the following rental SaaS variants

Our recommendation for large companies or high master data volume

  • On-Premise - you host DISKOVER yourself
  • Data storage in your company
  • Only remote access for maintenance required

Our recommendation for SME or low master data volume              

  • Cloud - we host
  • Data storage on EU-GDPR compliant EU servers
  • Flexibility concerning operator and cloud server package

Tailored implementation and consulting

Experienced supply chain consultants work with you

DISKOVER is implemented in cooperation with you. You know the existing problems, have clear ideas and goals. We have the experience and the roadmap to get DISKOVER up and running smoothly and successfully.

DISKOVER is implemented alongside your day-to-day business. After the ERP-to-DISKOVER connection, DISKOVER is already working in the background and is integrated step by step in the planning activities. The transition to live operation is smooth. Adjustments and conceptual coordination take place remotely. This saves valuable time and costs.

The joint roadmap on the way to your DISKOVER



ERP-DISKOVER connection

Setup of the remote accesses

Installation of DISKOVER 

Preprocessing of the required master and transaction data

Master data check

Plausibility check of the data and data tests

Logging of missing or incorrect data

Processes matter

Understand, adjust, tune e.g.:

Discussion of current planning processes, product portfolio, existing strengths and weaknesses.

Classification and basic setup

Basic configuration of the rule set engine

Basic strategies for planning and/or replenishment

Detailed configuration of material requirements planning and/or scheduling

Ready to train

Training takes place on your own live system with current real data

The basic training is designed for end users

Key users are built up with extended training

Power users are characterized by deep knowledge

Getting started

Analyze risks

Simulate solutions

Automate routines

Celebrate successes


DISKOVER relies on the most modern standards

Software Technology

DISKOVER is based on the most modern software-technical solutions. Our software engineers develop DISKOVER in Java based on Eclipse. In doing so, they continuously integrate customer solutions into the product standard and thus guarantee their release capability.

Continuous refactoring ensures that the software modules work together optimally and that DISKOVER is always technologically and structurally up to date.

Operating system and databases

Thanks to Java, both client and application server are largely platform-independent and run on all operating systems for which a Java Runtime Environment is available. Database servers can run under Oracle®, MS-SQL-Server®, IBM-DB2® or MySQL®.

DISKOVER can therefore be operated on a cost-effective system basis, consisting of Linux as operating system and MySQL® as database, without any loss of performance or stability.


Learn how to achieve a smart technological advantage in your company

Let's talk together or drop us a note

  • What is your logistical challenge and by when should it be solved?
  • Together we discuss suitable solutions and achievable results with DISKOVER.
  • Thanks to full service support and strategic replenishment assistance you never walk alone.

We can quickly calculate the monthly rental fee for DISKOVER based on your requirements. In addition, we will jointly decide on the scope of our consulting and training services.

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