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DISKOVER offers a very broad spectrum of functionalities and a whole range of technologies and special features that you will only find in this comprehensive interaction in DISKOVER.

Below are a few highlights.

DISKOVER - take a look into the lab

Statistics, Algorithms, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML).

Contemporary digital technologies that work completely in the background.

Technologies | Core-Functions

Heuristics and metaheuristics from artificial intelligence and machine learning.

The Optimizer Engine in DISKOVER works with heuristics and metaheuristics from the field of artificial intelligence and thus automatically and efficiently solves tricky optimization tasks in the background.

The Service Level Booster, for example, is based on the Optimizer Engine. Starting from the targeted total delivery capability of a complete priduct assortment, it can set the best delivery readiness levels for each field of an arbitrarily structured product portfolio in such a way that the total delivery readiness is achieved with the lowest possible safety stocks.

The PP-DS module in DISKOVER also uses the Optimizer Engine to schedule production orders against limited capacity while keeping on-time delivery, productivity and throughput as high as possible.

logistical business model


Simulation linked to rule sets and decision tables on any business objects: This is the basis of the DISKOVER Rule Set Engine.

This allows you to identify the economically optimal planning and control master data values for each individual item, automate master data maintenance and enable automatic planning processes.


Distribution-free methods

Demand for items is rarely normally distributed, which is why all classical forecasting and safety stock formulas systematically miss the mark. DISKOVER therefore also uses so-called distribution-free methods, in which the distribution form of demand plays no role.


Automatic planning and control parameter optimization through simulation

The DISKOVER simulation also allows to automatically optimize and adjust procedures and master data, e.g. automatic selection of the item-specific best MRP procedure or the best lot-sizing procedure.


At the pulse of time

In our supply chain optimization lab, which we operate in cooperation with our holding company Abels & Kemmner Group, we are constantly working on the optimization of supply chain management and the necessary software support. DISKOVER is therefore consulting experience cast in state-of-the-art software algorithms.

Technologies | Value Stream

Logistics simulation

The Simulation Engine of DISKOVER is a powerful tool for optimizing planning decisions or planning and control strategies. Using the Simulation Engine in DISKOVER, entire value streams, value chains and supply networks can be calculated and improved.

Numerous simulation processes, running in the background, automatically optimize the analyses and the planning and control results without the users noticing.


Automatic forecast and safety stock optimization via simulation

Selecting the right forecast by comparing forecast errors falls short mathematically. DISKOVER optimizes forecast procedures and parameters together with safety stock procedures and parameters automatically for each individual item by means of empirical simulation.

You can determine which optimization targets are relevant, e.g. achieve targeted service level with the lowest possible inventory.


Empirically verified neural networks

In addition to statistical methods, DISKOVER also makes extensive use of neural networks for demand forecasting.
But even neural networks cannot predict chaotic behavior, can be over- or untrained, too sluggish or too dynamic, overfitting can occur or wrong influencing variables are overinterpreted.

Therefore, the results of neural networks are also tested using empirical simulation and must prove themselves in competition with other forecasting algorithms in order to be applied to forecast an article.

This all happens in the background without bothering the user.

Service Level

Automatic optimization of service levels in the product portfolio

In many cases, the product availability is set differently in different fields of a product portfolio in order to achieve a suitable compromise between product availability and required inventory.

Based on the desired total service level of the product portfolio, DISKOVER can make these adjustments automatically, so that you can work with the lowest possible inventories.

Companies that trust in our technologies

Christian-Hans Bültemeier

"Today, no one at HANSA-FLEX has to process requisitions or maintain master data. Replenishment now rolls in automatically as if by magic. The availability of the articles is now much better than before. In the meantime, DISKOVER is used to control more than 400 branches at home and abroad."


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